Legal Notices

RAND WEST CITY LOCAL MUNICIPALITY DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND PLANNING NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CONSENT Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 35 of the Rand West City Local Municipality Spatial Planning and Land Use Management By-law, 2017 that I, undersigned, intend to apply to Rand West City Loacl Municipality for special consent to establish: A CRESHE, On Erf/ Stand No: 185, Township: Westonaria, Situated at: 31 Edwards Street which falls within Residential 1 use zone. Particulars of this application may be inspected between normal office hours (08h00 to 16h00) at the Municipal Offices, Randfontein and / or Westonaria. Objections, if any, to the application together with the grounds thereof, must be lodged in writing to the Municipal Manager, Rand West City Local Municipality, PO Box 218, Randfontein, 1760 and to the applicant within a period of 28 days from 17 October 2017. Name: Cynthia Tel no: 071‑813‑7171 Address: 31 Edwards Street, Westonaria, 1779 - ML026652

NOTICE OF INTENTION TO REINSTATE A COMPANY/ CLOSE CORPORATION Notice is hereby given to the general public that Edi Cappilati Id number: 6603105135185 intends making application to the Commissioner of CIPC for the reinstatement of Plastisity CC (Reg. No. 1998/016489/23). Please take further notice that any objection to the application must be lodged with the CIPC within twenty one (21) days of the date of this publication. The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission PO Box 429 PRETORIA 0001 - ML026705