Darkest streets in R’fontein revealed

It only takes one light-bulb to light up a part of a street.

Ward 6 has been left in the dark with 129 street lights not working.

The past few weeks it seems that the ward has become the hot-spot for crime – possibly because the street lights are not working. In Greenhills, a total of 113 street lights are not working and in Homelake a total of 16 are out of order.

“On Wednesday night (5 July) I drove through my whole ward and counted all the street lights that were not working,” confirmed Ellik de Lange, DA ward 6 councillor.

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According to him, this is a very bad situation for the ward to be in as it adds to crime in the area. He added that people in these wards do not feel safe.

“It’s very easy for thieves to strike in dark places,” said Ellik.

This has been an ongoing problems for some time, even though Ellik has been reporting all the lights on a regular basis. What worries him the most is that a large number of the lights on Freda Avenue are not working – a total of 12 are out of commission.

“This is a high crime road, where a lot criminal and drug-related activities take place,” said Ellik.

Some of the most severely affected streets, and the number of lights not working, are:


• Kenneth Road: 9

• Nightingale Street: 7

• Kanfer Street: 9

• Northway Street: 9

• Darter Road: 5

• Nartjie Street: 6

• Mimosa Street: 9


• Freda Avenue: 12

• Lot Road: 4

In February, Ellik made a similar list and also sent it to the manager of the Electricity Department.

“I am very worried about my ward,” said Ellik.

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