Sunlight has helped so many, but Kgothalang Primary School was one of our proudest achievements!

Sunlight’s well-known #SunlightSavesWater campaign has been in full swing over the past months, and to date we estimate that we’ve saved our valued customers 51 million litres of precious water! We are extremely about this; but this is just the beginning. Our Sunlight 2in1 with SmartFoam will continue to save ordinary South Africans litres of water with every laundry wash for years to come. As a company that is always looking for more ways to help, though, we’ve been doing even more to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged communities all over our beautiful country. The Kgothalang Primary School in Benoni’s Wattville township is one of the organisations identified by our customers as being in need of a meaningful intervention.

A reality at too many schools

Wattville is famous for all the right reasons, and it was an honour for Sunlight to contribute to an important education facility in the township. For readers not familiar with Wattville, it is important to know that it was home to struggle icons Oliver and Adelaide Tambo during the 1950s. Today, their legacy lives on (as it should), and the Adelaide Tambo Development Centre was established in 2001. Oliver and Adelaide Tambo were buried side by side in an area today known as Tamboville. Quite an illustrious history!

However, South Africans continue to face enormous challenges, and even in urban areas water supply can be unpredictable and extremely expensive for the underprivileged and poor. Kgothalang Primary School is, unfortunately, an example of something that deeply disturbs us at Sunlight: even as a vital centre for educating our youth (something we feel passionately about), water to the school is often turned off and pupils have no choice but to go home.

The JoJo Tanks will provide a secure water supply to learners

This situation is hardly conducive to the learning process, and we were very happy that it was chosen as a recipient of two 5000 litre JoJo Tanks that could dramatically change the water supply. Whether filled by municipal water (when available) or filled by harvested rainwater (a single day’s heavy rain can fill an entire 5000 L tank!), the JoJo Tanks will make water supply very much more predictable, and as rainwater is harvested and filtered to ensure cleanliness, the solution is also sustainable in the long term.

Water is a luxury for too few

Water is a luxury for too few

It is Sunlight’s profound hope that crucial education will now carry on without unnecessary interruptions, and that learners will always have access to clean water for drinking and sanitation.

Join the nationwide conversation about how to save water, and tell us what you do to conserve this precious resource on #SunlightSavesWater.

Tumi Riba

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