#FridayBraaiDay: ‘Only real men braai with wood’ — part 2

Remington Severa says he braais Friday through Sunday.

This #FridayBraaiDay we will be throwing back to a previous braai day article.

In the previous article the Herald published was which kind of material to use to make the perfect braai.

After taking a poll on Facebook it was clear that Randfontein preferred wood. According to the poll 22 people prefered wood, nine preferred briquettes and only two preferred charcoal.

Remington Severa says he braais Friday through Sunday.

Three time #FridayBraaiDay braai master William Knight went as far as saying, “Only real men braai with wood.”

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The Herald subsequently spoke to Remington Severa who cuts, dries and sells his own braai wood.

Remington has been selling braai wood for the past three years on Lazaar Avenue. He said he gets his wood from the farm on which he stays and dries it for at least a month before he sells it.

He said loves making fire and does so every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A true braai master indeed.

Remington Severa says he braais Friday through Sunday.

To make his perfect fire he said he uses wood, firelighters and newspaper – not at all the Herald, he said – and builds a pyramid with the wood with the newspaper and firelighters in the middle.

The reason for the pyramid, he said, is that the wood is then able to catch fire at the bottom to make a big, hot fire.

Remington has confirmed it – some ‘Teiners just love to braai with wood and this earned him the title of this week’s braai master.

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