An accident waiting to happen

Good day.

Please assist in reporting/ repairing the extremely bad condition of Jan Fiskaal Street, Culemborg Park, in the vicinity of the pharmacy.

This is a major risk for all road users and something bad will happen soon. The ward councillor has been notified of this and also the possibility of speed humps being erected due to vehicles travelling at high speeds in urban areas.

This stretch of road is carrying more traffic since the Mall has opened, by road users wanting to avoid the traffic lights erected at the Mall, and is also used by parents dropping/ collecting their children at a nearby high school in the mornings and afternoons.

I have included all the residents of a complex situated in this street and if needed will obtain petition signatures from all other residents and road users due to the current risk.

This matter was reported to the local council, but their response is only to attend to this matter if 10 or more complaints are received about the road condition. The question is: Should we wait for 10 or more accidents to occur or even loss of life due to the current pothole risk?

• Martin le Roux writes:

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