Councillor takes Mayor on eye-opening drive

DA Ward 6 councillor, Ellik de Lange, took the mayor on a drive around town, and hopes it will bring about some positive change.

Ellik de Lange, DA Ward councillor, took a drive through Randfontein with the Mayor of the Rand West City Local Municipality (RWCLM) to show him various wards’ issues.

According to De Lange, he recently made an appointment with the RWCLM executive mayor, Mzi Khumalo, to show him what residents have been complaining about.

On De Lange’s list was a ditch in Freda Avenue, Homelake, which has water running through it from the Central Business District causing hassles for residents of the street.

He said residents in the street often wake up with their yards and homes flooded. The suggestion he and Craig Harrison, DA Ward 7 councillor, came up with was to run a pipe from the source of the water to an outlet which will not cause damage to residents’ homes.

The second on his list was potholes. He took the mayor to Angelier, Kenneth, Convent and Darter Streets, and Lark Crescent, to name just a few.

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In addition to general infrastructure problems, De Lange took the mayor to the Delmas bridge as well as the Greenhills Stadium to see the displaced persons living under the bridge and in toilet stalls on the stadium grounds.

De Lange said he currently has a petition running regarding the people living under the Delmas bridge and is serious about them being removed to places of safety.

De Lange also said he hopes the drive was an eye-opener for the Mayor, and hopes to see some positive changes in the various wards.

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