Hat off to Dept of Home Affairs

We always just read about the negative things that happen to us. But this time I would like to congratulate the Department of Home Affairs in Randfontein.

I had to get the new Smart ID and renew my passport, and I thought to myself, here we go. I went into the offices at around 3pm. A few people were sitting on the chairs waiting, but in general it was not too busy.

I was greeted at the entrance by the security officer. She had a beautiful smile on her face and wished me a good afternoon. She sent me to enquiries and there once again I received a smile and a good afternoon. Once I was finished there I was sent to the teller to pay for my passport, but the Smart ID was for free as I am a pensioner.

I was guided to collect my number – again smile, good afternoon. From there they did my photos for both the Smart ID and passport, and again smile and good afternoon. I was just about to sit down when my number was called. The gentleman – again with a smile and good afternoon – helped me there.

This gentleman then told me I would get two separate SMSes to advise firstly that my documents were being processed, and another two separate SMSes to say when I can collect. He then gave me a good piece of advise. “Wait until you get them both, then you can come to the department and collect them at the same time”. He saved me from going in twice.

Thank you so much. This whole process from beginning to end took two weeks. The way I was treated with respect, smiles and greetings was beyond belief.

I hope someone at the Department of Home Affairs sees this letter in the Herald and passes on my good wishes. You were all so proudly South African.

• Elda Biallo writes:

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