VIDEO: Church gets building after 43 years

Members of the Toekomsrus Church of the Nazarene marched through the streets of Toekomsrus before the official opening of the church. Photo: Roxy de Villiers

The church of the Nazarene in Toekomsrus has gone from humble beginnings to having a building that is barely big enough to hold its entire congregation.

Sunday, 23 April was an important day for the church – they finally moved to their own church premises after 43 years.

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Jessie Sedith is the Toekomsrus Church of the Nazarene’s oldest member at 83. She was given the honour of cutting the ribbon during the opening. Photo: Roxy de Villiers

For the past 43 years, the church has moved around – from a small classroom in the Randfontein Secondary School (RSS) to the Toekomsrus Community Hall, and later to a garage.

They stayed in the garage, which was owned by Mr and Mrs Saul Sedith, who accommodated the church for the last 28 years. However, the congregation eventually grew too big for the small space.

A member of the Toekomsrus Church of the Nazarene on the lead guitar during the opening ceremony. Photo: Roxy de Villiers.

“We have been trying endlessly to have church grounds assigned to us by the municipality and when we heard the JW Hall was for sale, everyone from the church came on board, and put their hands in their pockets to make the purchase,” said Reverend Eunice Sedith, senior pastor of the church.

On the 23rd, the congregation marched through the streets of Toekomsrus to their new church building for its official opening.

Jessie Sedith, the oldest member of the church at 83, cut the ribbon to seal the deal.

“She works tirelessly to win people over to come to church. She knocks on doors and invites children to get to know God,” Reverend Sedith said.

Once the ribbon was cut, Riccardo Bowker read the inscription on the church’s official plaque.

The Herald attended the opening as well as a small portion of the service and watched as a seemingly endless stream of churchgoers kept entering the building.

Reverend Eunice Sedith, senior pastor of the Toekomsrus Church of the Nazarene addressing members of the congregation before the church’s official opening. Photo: Roxy de Villiers

The church is so blessed with followers, chairs had to be put in the foyer as well as outside to accommodate them all.

Going forward, the church is looking for partners to join hands with them to supply their less fortunate members with regular food parcels.

For more information about the church or to partner with them, visit their Facebook page Toekomsrus Church of the Nazarene.

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