Eight reasons why you should eat breakfast

Most breakfast foods are packed with healthy carbohydrates and fibre which provide you with great energy in the morning. Photo: Pixabay. For illustrative purposes.

Cutting down on calories doesn’t mean skipping meals. Skipping breakfast is a big no because it’s very important for our health and weight management, and sets your energy levels.

“You may feel like you are cutting down on calories but instead, you are cutting down on important nutrients your body needs and causing more harm than good in the process,” said Daniela Venier, Dietitian from Planet Fitness and Smart Healthcare.

Daniela compiled a list of ways in which a simple bowl of breakfast cereal can save your day.

• Boosts energy levels

Breakfast foods are packed with healthy carbohydrates and fibre which provide you with great energy in the morning.

• Prevents unhealthy cravings

Skipping breakfast will lead to you nibbling during the day, usually on unhealthy snacks. Waiting long before eating can make you feel peckish and lead to unhealthy meal choices.

• Helps the body to burn calories

Spreading your food intake out over the course of the day helps keep the metabolism working at a healthy pace and ready to go. Skipping breakfast slows down your metabolism which slows down the pace at which your body burns calories.

• Stabilises blood-sugar levels

Your body sugar levels drop during the night and skipping breakfast makes your blood sugar drop even lower, leaving you sluggish and hungrier.

• Promotes concentration

Breakfast helps replenish your energy levels so skipping it can lead to the inability to concentrate throughout the day.

• Lowers cholesterol levels

A nutritious breakfast will lower your trans-fat and cholesterol levels.

• Provides energy to exercise

To burn fat and calories you need energy and missing breakfast will make exercising more difficult.

• Provides important nutrients

Research have revealed that people who skip breakfast miss out on important nutrients like calcium and fibre. Most of those people end up consuming more fat than those who had breakfast.

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