We miss the main point about being Christians

• Eric Shikobela writes:

Good afternoon

Sometimes I feel like we have missed the main point about being Christians.

The Bible teaches us many things, but strongly emphasises that there is nothing greater than faith and love. As Christians we shouldn’t take the role that only God carries the authority, we shouldn’t judge other people. In my Christian journey I have learned that it’s more difficult to please people than to please God.

God forgives, people find it hard to. God is patient, people want quick things. God is love, people hate easily. God will never give up on us, people condemn each other. God hopes for the best for all of us, people hope for the worst for each other. God understands your circumstances, people will judge you without trying to understand what really happened.

That’s why I say to you; you’re not God! Stop acting like you’re not a human being.

“Learn to put yourself in someone’s shoes,” and you will learn to understand others.

That’s why I chose to please only God. As for the rest, I really don’t care about their opinion about me. Because I have realised that when you do good no-one compliments you, but make a mistake and everyone will talk about it. I love you all!

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