#MunicipalMonday: Will businesses withdraw from R’fontein?

Potholes earmarked for fixing in the area have already been cut out and need only to be filled.

Will bad roads ultimately lead to businesses withdrawing from Randfontein?

This is the question Eddie Krogh, DA PR Councillor asked about Aureus, the town’s industrial area where the roads are in tatters.

Eddie Krogh, DA PR Councillor is happy potholes are being fixed in the area but questions the methods used.

He refers to the area as the heartbeat of Randfontein and said it could need life support in the near future to keep it beating.

Krogh has been inundated with calls about the state of the roads in Aureus. One businessman in particular said clients from other towns refuse to send their delivery vehicles to the business because there are more potholes than roads in the area.

A pothole which Eddie Krogh, DA PR Councillor said was fixed days prior to the visit has already stared cracking and lifting.

Sections of Aureus’ roads are being repaired by the Rand West City Local Municipality (RWCLM) but Krogh feels the method used to repair the roads is nothing but a ‘Band Aid’ solution.

He said he recently attended a demonstration of how they will be fixing the area’s roads.

He is pleased that something is being done about the roads in the area but is bothered by how long the repairs will last.

While he was happy with a square being cut to repair the hole, he feels the ground or left over tar should be scraped out and made level for a longer lasting solution.

“There must be some kind of standard for fixing a pothole and it needs to be monitored. Instead of not fixing something the right way and having to repair it again and again, the right materials and methods need to be used,” he said.

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Roxy de Villiers

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