Help arrives for struggling family

Elsie Steyn and Phinias Mokubedi from Aranda Textiles, with Liezel Lotriet, one of the Dream Team members, and the box full of blankets donated by Aranda Textiles.

Aranda Textiles is the first company to support the Dream Team and the Herald in their quest to get the community involved in helping a sickly and struggling family from Rikasrus.

The family lives in the backyard of a house in the Rikasrus area. The 77-year-old woman has cancer on her skin and mouth, her 50-year-old son lives with skin cancer and multiple sclerosis, and his 19-year-old daughter cannot attend school because they have no transport. She plans to do online schooling as soon as she is financially able.

Elsie Steyn and Phinias Mokubedi from Aranda Textiles, with Liezel Lotriet, one of the Dream Team members, and the box full of blankets donated by Aranda Textiles.

The man has a huge passion to inspire other people with cancer and has even registered an NPO. Last year, he and a partner motivated and taught learners, elderly people, church-goers and residents in rural areas about cancer. He puts his faith in God and still manages to run their little household. At this stage, their only income is his mother’s pension.

The dire need of the family prompted Drienie van As, in conjunction with the Herald, to start a Dream Team to assist them. Ida Wilson and Liezel Lotriet from the restaurant Grootjie se Kombuis, who have already walked a long road with the man, were more than happy to join this project.

Now, Christelle Smuts, the senior sales administrator and Elsie Steyn, the invoice clerk from Aranda Textiles, have come forward, making a very generous contribution of nine blankets to the family on Thursday, 16 March. Since winter is on the way, this comes as a blessing.

The man has progressing cancer and MS. Photo submitted.

The Dream Team and the Herald are continuing to urge the Rand West Local Municipality, local councillors, big businesses, private companies, schools, old age homes and the whole community to step in and support their initiative. Even a R10 donation will make a huge difference in their lives.

As soon as the Herald confirms receipt of the donation, the company or person will be given the opportunity to be named, photographed and featured in the Herald.

A bank account will also be opened for the family, and will be controlled by a registered auditor and Drienie van As.


The most pressing need for the family is to see a doctor who can help them with their progressing cancers. The family does not own a vehicle, which makes life a lot harder, as they have to walk wherever they go. The man needs a cable for his Packard Bell laptop, and, since he wants to continue his work as a motivational speaker, he needs airtime and data to be able to share his passion, connect with other cancer survivors and continue with his NPO.

The family also needs to have their washing machine repaired (condensers need replacing). At present, the man washes their clothing by hand, hurting his right arm, which is affected by the MS, in the process.

A sponsorship for the young girl’s schooling – online or otherwise – would give her the opportunity to build a future for herself.

Other things that would make their lives easier are:

– Wool for the elderly lady to knit for her grandchildren

– A television, and English books to read

– A kettle and a microwave

– Towels, bed linen, pillows and curtains

– Transport to be able to go shopping and visit the man’s grandchildren

– Replacement of/ repairs to the roof, as it leaks

– A new lock for the sliding door, as it can not lock at all, which means they cannot all leave the house at the same time

– Medication for the man’s multiple sclerosis, including Kali phos (potassium phosphate) tablets, Valerian root drops, Ginko biloba capsules, honey and cinnamon, pain tablets, Omega 3 and 6 supplements, vitamins B6, B12, A and E, and Joint Ease tablets

– Multivitamins for over-60s

The Herald and the Dream Team are challenging everyone to join in, in any way, to help this family. Please contact Maritza (the Herald’s journalist) on 011 693 3671 or 072 291 6971, or Ida Wilson on 082 446 0829.

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Maritza van Zyl

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