Denying ambulances right of way could kill someone in need

Give way to ambulances and emergency response vehicles on the road, to assist them in saving a life. File photo/ Bianca Pindral

The time in which an ambulance responds to emergency is called the Golden Hour, and having a car crash while responding to an emergency could mean the difference between life and death.

Arrive Alive gave useful information on safe driving for other road users when an ambulance or emergency vehicle with lights and sirens is heading to an emergency situation.

Arrive Alive said ambulance drivers are mostly well trained in advanced driving, are focused on the safety of others, and have no ill intention on the roads.

But how should you react when you see them coming in your rear-view mirror?

The organisation said ordinary motorists need to make way for ambulances and other emergency vehicles in a safe manner and not create another emergency.

Major threats on the road when acting in emergency response:

• Unsafe driving from ordinary motorists

• Drivers who panic when they hear the sound of a siren

• Drivers who don’t give way at all

Increased risks:

• Hills and blind bends

• Drivers who do not stop at designated areas at hospitals and fire stations

• Blocked intersections

Watch how it’s done in Germany:

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Roxy de Villiers

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