Dumpsite a real mess – and dangerous

The state of the Hillshaven Dumping site

The Hillshaven Dumping Site is in a shocking state and has been causing concern for some time – something the municipality has vowed to sort out.

One resident contacted the Herald on numerous occasions to tell us the site hardly ever gets cleaned.

Babba Dobson, a well-known resident in the area, took the Herald to the site where it was obvious that it had not been maintained for a long time.

“The smell is terrible, and we have to live with it every day. The dumping site is also a hiding place for criminals. Some people have also built shacks close to it,” Dobson said.

The Herald asked the Rand West Local Municipality to comment on the matter, and this was their response:

Sikelela Caroline Setsiba, Political Communication and Marketing Specialist at the Office of the Executive Mayor said, “This site is not in a satisfactory state, due to the shortage of suitable plant and equipment. A grab truck and tipper trucks are being used to maintain this facility, though not to a satisfactory standard.”

She further said the process of procuring the necessary plant and equipment is still at procurement phase. Operations at this facility will be restored once the necessary work implements are procured. She also mentioned the Libanon Landfill (Westonaria Region) and the Uitvalfontein Landfill (Randfontein) sites.

She admitted that the Libanon Landfill (Westonaria Region) is not in a satisfactory state due to the shortage of plant and equipment. Local contractors do however sometimes volunteer their plant and equipment to maintain this facility.

The process of acquiring an external contractor to operate and maintain the Libanon facility is also at procurement phase. Landfill operations at this site will be fully restored once a suitable contractor/ service provider is appointed.

Setsiba added that the Randfontein Dumpsite has in recent months been compromised by the following:

“The prolonged breakdown of the waste trash compactor that is used for daily waste spreading, compaction, and covering of waste is a problem,” she said.

The recent breakdown (approximately two weeks ago) of the front-end loader that is used to clean in and around the landfill site, and also clean the access road leading to the landfill site, has made the situation worse.

The close proximity of an informal settlement, and persons from this informal settlement trying to access waste from vehicles way before they enter the site poses yet another problem.

In view of the above, the Municipality has prioritised implementation of the following interventions:

• Instituting urgent repairs to the front-end loader

• Instituting repairs to the trash compactor

• Cleaning the access road leading to the landfill site (twice a week), in conjunction with

participants in the Community Workers Programme

• Liaising with the Development Planning Section to have the informal settlement moved and relocated, away from the landfill site

• Jointly working with other sections, in particular, Public Safety in order to control persons trying to access waste from cars before they enter the site

As a result of the above planned interventions, the restoration of the landfill site began on Tuesday,14 March. It will take approximately four weeks to fully restore operations at this landfill site to acceptable standards.

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Maritza van Zyl

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