Manhunt launched for woman’s rapist

A manhunt has been launched for the house robber and rapist. Photo:

The Bekkersdal Police have launched a manhunt for a suspect who raped a 24-year-old woman during a house robbery.

The incident took place on 10 January at the woman’s home while her two sisters, one aged 14 and the other of an unknown age, were asleep.

According to Sergeant Linkie Lefakane, the Bekkersdal Police spokesperson, the victim realised someone was in her home when she heard her pot stand falling.

Suddenly, the woman saw a man wearing a balaclava standing next to her bed.

The victim said she started screaming but was threatened with a panga and told to be quiet. The house robber and rapist then told the three women to cover their faces with a blanket while he searched their home.

In the home, he found a plastic bag containing new clothes as well as a handbag with money in it.

Once the suspect found and took the goods, he fled, but before the 24-year-old victim could lock the door, he returned and raped her.

“The suspect is still on the run,” Lefakane said.

The Bekkersdal Police are now urging anyone who can provide more information around the incident to report it to the Bekkersdal Police on 011 755 0000/ 1/ 2.

The investigating officer, Sergeant Phillimon Shiviti can also be contacted regarding the matter on 072 561 9417.

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