One-eyed man and accomplice caught stealing

The two suspects found in Phillip Montishiwa's house. Photo submitted.

A housebreaking in Culemborg Park proved that thieves come in all shapes and sizes.

Phillip Montshiwa, Randfontein Local Municipality head of communication who currently lives in Mohlakeng is in the process of building a house in Culemborg Park. Nobody lives on the construction site.

“I went to the house on Wednesday and saw that a few bags of cement were missing. I went back the following day and found only one bag left. When this happened, I thought there was nothing left to steal, but I forgot about my garage door and motor to the value of about R17 000 at the house,” he said.

Later his garage-door motor was stolen and he found the sliding doors to the house open. He subsequently got someone to guard the house around the clock and told the guard that should anything suspicious happen he was to call a friend of his who lives just down the road.

On Tuesday 1 March Montishiwa received a call that two suspects had been caught inside the property. “I got a call maybe past seven. They told me the guys got there at around 6am,” Montshiwa said.

When he got to the property he saw two suspects in his house. A white VW Golf was parked outside. One of the suspects said it was his mother’s car, but Montishiwa took their keys.

I looked in the car and found everything needed to break in. They had tools in the back of the car. These guys were prepared.

“When we asked them what they were doing in my yard they said they were looking for a job. How do you look for a job when you jump the fence?” he said.

“The CPF was there and they said they have been looking for these guys, especially the one suspect who only has one eye. One of my colleagues from the district said the same guys also targeted her. They allegedly had broken into her house about a month before and had stolen their gate motor on four occasions.”

Montishiwa said as far as he knew the suspects are still in police custody and that the car they were driving has been impounded.

“I want to warn the community, especially those who are building never to leave their properties unsupervised. Always have someone looking out for your property or have someone living inside.”

The white Golf the suspects used to cart away the stolen goods. Photo submitted.

The white Golf the suspects used to cart away the stolen goods. Photo submitted.

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