UPDATE ATM bombing: EPR’s brush with robbers

The Standard bank ATM at the Greenhills circle, after it got bombed.

On Monday 22 February, the Standard Bank ATM at the Greenhills Circle was blown up, allegedly by five men.

They fled with an undisclosed amount of money.

At 3.07am, EPR Security shift leader Bertie Hawkins was on his way to pick up staff from the control centre. When he passed the Greenhills Circle he came across a group of armed men that were in the process of blowing up the ATM.

When the suspects started firing shots at the EPR vehicle, Hawkins realised he had to change direction quickly as the safety of the staff was priority.

“He immediately informed the EPR control centre of the incident and drove to a safe place. Fortunately nobody was injured.

“In the control room staff immediately looked at the footage of the EPR Red Eye and saw five suspects arriving in a BMW vehicle.

“You also could see them blowing up the ATM and fleeing with money they had stuffed into a bag. Later it was established the suspects also had other look-outs, such at as the nearby garage. They fired shots at another security vehicle that was in the area,” said Johan Krogh, EPR general manager.

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