R20 000 gone in 20 minutes

Jolene Joubert lost R20 000.

On 16 January, Jolene Joubert, 33, had R20 000 stolen from her account after withdrawing money from an ATM across from Randgate Spar.

Joubert wanted to withdraw R50 only from her account to buy ice cream for her children.

When she tried to withdraw the money, the ATM swallowed her card. After unsuccessfully trying to retrieve it, she went home to contact the toll free number to cancel her card, as her cellphone battery was flat.

When she got home, she cancelled her card, but within 20 minutes she and her husband saw cellphone notifications of money being withdrawn from their account.

The unknown thief or thieves managed to access the multi loan option on their account and withdrew R20 000. Since it was past closing time at the bank, she went to the Randfontein Police Station to open a case of theft.

She thought it to be a good idea, as it would enable her to give the bank a case number, and the police would be aware of the incident. However, a police member at the station allegedly said she could not give a statement, as she had no evidence that the money actually had been stolen.

First thing the next day Joubert went to her bank, reported the incident and to her shock, saw that the money had been withdrawn from her account at ATMs in Voortrekkerweg, Krugerdorp, 20 minutes after her card had been swallowed.

The bank staff told her they would investigate the matter, and get back to her in 11 days. Joubert later learned they refused to refund her, and also did not access the CCTV footage that normally would shed more light on the incident.

There reason for the bank’s refusal to refund her is they allege she used her card in Krugersdorp, where the money was withdrawn.

This is impossible as I saw my card being swallowed. I waited there for about 20 minutes to see if the card would be returned.”

Captain Appel Ernst, Randfontein Police spokesperson, said she is investigating the incident at the police station, and will comment on it as soon as she has more information. Joubert said she has no idea how the thief or thieves managed to get access to her account if her card had been swallowed. Another resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said an identical incident occurred close to the Greenhills Spar on the same day.

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