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Randfontein was hit by a harsh hailstorm over the weekend that left the town’s roads white and cars dented.

Most of Gauteng was plunged chaos as the hail struck. Key West Mall in Krugersdorp’s roof collapsed in the storm. Five people were reported injured in the incident.
So much hail fell in Krugersdorp that it looked like snow laying on the ground.

The hail in Randfontein was the size of a moth ball which made all the difference when it hit cars, trees and damaged property.
Hail size
The Herald came up with five tips on how to hail-proof your car and stay safe during a hailstorm.
How to hail-proof your car:
 Get covered parking. Wherever you go, more sure in stormy weather you have covered parking.
• Drive out of the hailstorm. Look for temporary shelter. Local malls and garages are a prime example of this.
• Use blankets or a hail cover to cover your car. Keep these on easy-to-reach places for when a storm strikes as time is essential.
• Make sure your insurance covers you for hail damage.
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