5 Food Hacks to Save You Time

1. Lemons
This one is straight from domestic guru Martha Stewart. Instead of using a manual juicer (which often leaves a lot of the good stuff behind), grab a pair of tongs and place the half-cut citrus fruit between the prongs.


2. Cupcakes
Have you ever had a cupcake with too much sponge and not enough icing? Say goodbye to an substandard cupcake experience. By simply chopping the top of cupcake off, and flipping it over, your icing-to-sponge ratio improves dramatically. Cupcake, hacked.

3. Cutting cakes with floss
This one is a great tip, just make sure you use unscented floss. You wouldn’t want your cheesecake taking on a minty character. You’ll avoid dirty knives and get cleaner cuts by using floss to cut cakes, cheeses, and other soft solids.

4. Peeling oranges
We’ve all been taught to peel oranges a certain way. This often leaves your hands messy and reeking of citrusy zest. The much easier alternative is to cut the bottom and tops off, then cut a vertical slit in the side, and voila! Just like a concertina, the cells all roll out without any wasted juice or messy peels.


5. Oreo cookies and ice cubes
Oreos are popular the world over. As their slogan says, you “twist, lick and dunk.” The team at Snack Hacks have put their own spin on the cookie by crushing the cookie, mixing the crushed bits with milk and then freezing them in ice cube containers. The idea here is that you pop a few of these frozen creations into your next iced coffee for an alternative Oreo experience.

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