Local sport

Snap Back steps up

Interesting enough, Chivalry means women empowerment.

Twee van Riebeeck span die seile in D2-span

Twee atlete van Riebeeckrand het vir hul teenstanders ore aangesit toe hulle as lede van die D2-span aan die Gauteng-kampioenskappe deelgeneem het.

Are you ready to rumble?

Join the prestigious Randgate Boxing Club for an amateur boxing tournament.

West Rander chases second Zuurberg title

West Rand cyclist supported by a new partner will be back for the three-stage race at the Zuurberg Mountain Village outside PE in a bid to reclaim his title.

Off-road action in Holfontein

Off-road bikers showed their skills in a 100km event held on a farm in between the mealie fields.