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Peter Dick, the DA’s Ward 9 councillor, said the wall is broken in some sections, allowing anyone to walk through and do as they please in the graveyard.

Danger lurks at graveyard

The Randfontein Cemetery has come into the spotlight – yet again. This time it is not because of its apparently usual unkempt state, but for its fencing, which poses a danger to those who visit the graves, making them sitting ducks for robbers and thieves. There have been many incidents in which motorists have driven through the wall, leaving gaping holes that have never been repaired.
The new stop street on the R28 running past Mohlakeng Extension 11.

Stop street to curb R28 deaths?

After many lives have been lost and many complaints lodged by the surrounding communities, a stop street has finally been erected on the R28 between Randfontein and Westonaria, near Mohlakeng Extension 11.
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Mobile equipment new to Randfontein

Mobile equipment new to Randfontein was introduced at a recent roadblock near the intersection of Main Reef and Retief Roads.
Suspect being arrested at the Greenhills Circle.

Police, CPF Raid

Police and CPF raid the streets of Randfontein for dangerous weapons, drugs and more.
Amber Volmink, a local resident, said the graffiti under the Kenneth Road bridge is some of the best she's seen.

Graffiti – the (mostly) forbidden art form

Pablo Picasso said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls” – and that is exactly what some artists are striving towards in town. In certain locations around town there are walls with words spray-painted on them. The words are not always clear but there is something about the colours that makes the walls they are painted on look less grimy and mundane.
A Motheo Construction worker completing a wall.

Failed Randgate Clinic soon to be completed

Randgate has waited nine years for a clinic, and one contractor has done more in three months than several contractors could do in three years. Workers are once again busy with the clinic and seem to be making major progress. According to Manie Neethling, site agent for the current contractors (Motheo Construction), the clinic should be completed come November.
Colonel Selvan Moonsamy, station commander of the Westonaria Police says there are always signs laying on the side of the intersection.

N12–R28 intersection problems reach boiling point

The N12–R28 intersection in Westonaria has long been a problem. Now it’s reached boiling point. Colonel Selvan Moonsamy, station commander at the Westonaria Police Station has spoken out about the issue, calling it a crime and collision hotspot.
Randfontein had a large hailstorm and tornado on Monday, 25 July.

Randfontein super-storm damages

Randfontein experienced a super-storm on Monday, 25 July. The storm came accompanied with a large hailstorm and a tornado.
Amorie Faulkner looks like the average 10-year-old but she has been though more than most kids of her age.

A 10-year-old’s life of pain

A 10-year-old Randfontein girl has been through hell and back after being born with one leg shorter than the other. At the age of one, Amorie Faulkner went for the first operation to fix her thigh bone (femur) which did not have much of a femoral head (ball) to fit into her hip’s socket. Doctors told the family that Amorie would never walk again but she is walking and stronger than ever.